Walk In Tubs Make Life Easier


If you like to take a bath but have a hard time getting in and out of the tub, your worries are over. Now is a great time to shop walk in tubs for a model that you can afford and that will make it easy to get in and out of the walk in tubs much more simply than you can get in or out of standard tubs.

Walk in tubs have swinging doors on them that allow you to shuffle or even wheel your way right into them. They are built so that the water will drain away from the door, thus keeping water from filling up all over the floor outside the tub. They also often include special ledges for soap, hair products, shaving products and other bathing tools. The water heat and flow control is typically set at a height that is easy to reach from a wheelchair or shower chair, meaning walk in tubs simplify the task of washing up for any person who has mobility challenges.

If you work at a nursing home or other facility that gives care to patients who have a hard time getting in and out of the regular tubs, walk in tubs are the answer. They will help you ease a patient in and out of the washing basin, and most are built so that helping a person wash is still an easy job. The lip, or top of the basin, is usually built to about the same height as any other tub, though custom walk in tubs may be built to have a taller basin height. In this case, be sure that you have a stool or surface outside the tub to sit on that will still let you reach in to assist the patient as needed.

Buying walk in tubs is the same as buying regular tubs. You should visit a hardware store or bathroom fixtures store that has the tub you want, then set up the delivery and installation for a time that fits into your schedule. The installation of the basin is key, because all water main work needs to be handled by a pro that will make sure you do not spring a leak. They will make sure the tub is up and running in a safe manner. They will also make sure the door is secure and ready to swing open and shut without any leaks onto the bathroom floor.

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