A Guide To Explanatory Videos

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If you make use of a website in your business, there is a good chance that you can include video on your site. To make it easier for customers to learn about your business, or to inform current customers about new products and services, explanatory videos are the best bet you have available to you.

Explanatory videos are short, usually introductory videos that take a look at what it is you do and why a person ought to be a customer of yours. Explanatory videos may be a quick clip that uses digital art to diagram how your business operates, or it may a love action video with a high ranking executive telling the web user about your business. Whatever your need for an explanatory video might be, there are teams that will help you manage the shooting of the video and the web design required to get the video on your site for users to watch.

Some explanatory videos are longer, and they go deeper on the site than your home page. For this sort of explanatory video, you will want to make sure that there is an intro graphic, slide or title card that tells users what they are watching before they start the video. Most of the online shopping community has learned to tune out videos, because they see them as annoying ads and not as something they should click on. To help get them over that notion, be sure that the first frame of the video makes sense with the text above, below or beside the video itself. This will encourage a user to click on the explanatory videos and learn more, rather than gloss right over it.

When you are shooting explanatory videos, be sure that the wardrobe, background and sound have all been thought about. There is nothing that will turn a potential customer off faster than the idea that your business is so amateur that you had strange noises or goofy clothing on while detailing what it is you do. These should be very professional and to the point, because again the customer is less likely to stick with your business if there are a lot of very long, very boring videos they have to watch just to understand what it is you do or sell. Explanatory videos are quick ways to deliver a lot of info, so be concise and be sure to give potential customers a reason to drive up your sales.

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