Choosing Hummus Brands

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If you are looking for the best hummus brands for your particular palate, there are a few different things to take into account. For example, it pays to know that most hummus recipes in general consist of tahini, which is a sesame seed paste, and chickpeas, which are also known as garbanzo beans, as a base. If you or anyone you plan to serve hummus to is allergic to either of the above ingredients, you might do best to look elsewhere for a tasty, healthy snack.

However, if everyone you plan on serving hummus to is perfectly fine with the above ingredients, there are several different flavors and brands to choose from. For example, spicier versions of hummus that often feature peppers and strong flavors are popular variations on the basic recipe, as are garlic or vegetable heavy hummus recipes that can give the dish a different kick altogether. Notably, since hummus tends to be a rather affordable snack, buying a few different flavors of hummus from several different brands can be a great way to find a favorite. Also, if you plan on having a get-together in your home, several different kinds of hummus on display can ensure that there is something available to please almost any palate.

Once you have determined the flavors of hummus you prefer, start searching online for nearby stores that might carry the type of hummus you have in mind. It should be noted that hummus is something that usually needs to be refrigerated, so this is not a snack that can be kept in the pantry for weeks or months without a problem. Once you find the nearest stores available that offer the type of hummus you have in mind, head on down to purchase the amount and type that you desire!

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