QR Codes for Real Estate: The New Method of Advertising

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Marketing is becoming more interesting and exciting as development of new technology increases. Owners of smartphones and tablets enjoy the benefits these devices bring. Instant gratification takes place with a tap or swipe of the screen. Merchants and sales people are realizing the benefits of using bar codes to reach consumers quickly. The use of qr codes for real estate is on the rise as real estate agents discover this form of advertising and promotion of properties.

Mobile devices have become the new communication methods. Everywhere you look, someone is using a cell phone. What better way to market than using qr codes for real estate. House hunters drive around to look at new properties. When they see a home they like, they look for a flyer to get more information. If an agent attached qr codes for real estate to the box or post above the flyer, potential home buyers can link to the information immediately even if all the flyers are gone. The qr codes for real estate can link to the agent’s home page, pictures of the property, detailed video tours or any other selling point that the agent deems necessary.

People love scanning QR codes with their mobile devices. New social media sites continue to evolve because they are so popular. Adding qr codes for real estate in Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn pages and other popular online sites provide a great way to increase views and sales of property. Besides adding qr codes on social media sites, other places that provide an opportunity to insert qr codes for real estate includes lawn signs, flyers, direct mail, newspaper ads and business cards. Having different qr codes for several real estate properties directs the right consumers to the type of property they are looking for.

Using qr codes for real estate is a non-invasive form of marketing that is quick, cost effective and easy for the agency and the consumer. It provides a means to gather quality leads while delivering advanced audio or video marketing and sales messages. The public’s interest in scanning codes with mobile devices is high right now. It is the perfect time to take advantage of the marketing benefits qr codes for real estate brings.

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