What You Should Know About Tea Time Dresses

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Tea time dresses are one of the few women’s clothing items that have withstood the test of time. They were originally created in the late nineteenth century for women to wear whenever they were hosting a tea within their home. Traditionally, tea time dresses were floor length and had both flowing sleeves and a train. This design has changed today but the concept still remains the same.

Today’s tea time dresses fall between the bottom of your knees and the bottom of your calves. This can seem daunting since they make your body look shorter. However, with the right shoes tea time dresses could actually become a staple within your wardrobe because of how elegant they’ll make you feel. The best shoes to wear with tea time dresses are heels unless you’re tall, then you can also choose to wear a pair of flats.

Now that you know what tea time dresses are, you can probably understand why they’re considered a modern take on the wedding dresses that were popular throughout the 1950s. After all, tea time dresses do contain several layers of tulle that’s then cinched at the waist in order to give them a flowing look. So, it’s no wonder that they’re growing in popularity within the bridal community today since tea time dresses are both elegant and feminine. However, thanks to their versatility, they can be worn for a variety of non-formal events too.

This summer you should look at tea time dresses as a flattering option. Coupled with a pair of sandals and oversized sunglasses tea time dresses are a glamorous take on the 1950s. Of course, the pattern of the dress will determine the type of occasion that it’s suitable for. For instance, floral or bright tea time dresses are great for a summer garden party while a monochrome or silk fabric is great for formal events. Regardless of your choice here, you’ll find that tea time dresses are a great, timeless piece that should be found in every woman’s wardrobe. It is for this reason that tea time dresses have survived through years upon years of varying trends and still they’re same as their predecessor was.

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