Child Care in Connecticut


Child care in ct

The task of finding reliable, professional, and affordable child care in ct can be tedious and exhausting. Plenty of options are out there but the real question is, is this right for me and my child? The answer is not always black and white, yes or no, but there are plenty of good options to choose from when it comes to daycares in ct.

Daycares in ct can cost anywhere from $90 a week all the way up to $450 per week for some services. According to statistics put out by, the average cost for daycares in ct is $103 per week for a school age child, which is usually when the child is between ages 5 and 12. The average cost for daycares in ct drops close to $20 for in home care versus day care centers in ct. Daycares in ct charge more to care for infants and toddlers than they do school age children.

Now you may work unconventional hours, or you might be one of the many residents from Connecticut who makes the long commute to the Big Apple, or you might just need a few hours for yourself, where you can have somebody that isn’t you, watching the kids. Childcare ct is growing bigger and bigger because many people don’t have the financial means to stay home or not work anymore. I would argue that being a stay at home mom, dad, or caregiver is a full time job but, as sad as it is to say, the government has yet to conform to that notion.

All of these factors have contributed to Daycares in ct rapidly growing and, as a direct result, there is a much higher demand for childcare ct today than there was ten years ago. To see more, read this:

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