My Life As A Carnie


F1 simulator

During my summer breaks in college I made extra money working as a carnie. You know, a carnival worker. At one point or another through the years I worked at each of the carnival stalls. I monitored the F1 simulator, worked giant games, inflatable games and even the giant scalextric. No, I did not used to know what that was either. It is basically a toy car race track. Moving on.

During those summers seeking leisure hire some of my friends were surprised that I returned time and time again to those carnival stalls. Sometimes I surprised myself. It was shockingly good money and even better people watching. Working at carnival stalls was about as far away as I could get from the university library and that was also part of the appeal. Most of the other carnies behind those carnival stalls were lifers. Lifers of course refers to people who will work there for the duration of their lives. I do not think I have in it me in energy or desire to be a lifer. My time working carnival stalls was a little break from reality and a glimpse into a foreign culture many probably never take the time to think about.

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