Why You Need A Silt Barrier For Your Next Project


Enviormental spill response

With the regulations that are in place these days for containing silt during construction activities, it is even more important than ever to utilize a high quality silt barrier. Also known as a silt curtain, turbidity barrier or turbidity curtain, this device is designed to keep the silt that is stirred up by construction activities contained in a small area. Without a silt curtain, it is possible that these sediments that are stirred up by activities, such as dredging, that occur in the water or near the water, could disturb the plant and animal life that is located nearby.

A silt barrier is also the ideal solution when an effective piece of oil spill response equipment is needed. By using this type of equipment, your company can contain the bulk of any oil spill or other type of disturbance in the water. This will allow you to meet or exceed the requirements of the government agencies in charge. Pipeline crossings, dredgings, retaining walls and bulkhead restoration projects are just a few of the many instances when a company could use these versatile pieces of equipment.

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