Are You Having Trouble Finding Success when Approaching Women?

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Can’t find a girlfriend

As Elite Daily and a slew of other web outlets write, men continue to be thought of as animals who want little more than sex by their female counterparts. Let’s be honest: we haven’t exactly done a great job in disproving that stereotype and improving things for ourselves, have we?

Subsequently, approaching women can be a scary prospect. We don’t want them to shrug us off as just another suitor for a night, but we also don’t want to miss the opportunity to forge a meaningful relationship with a beautiful woman. The problem, more often than not, is with the approach. Learning how to approach women is an art, and like all other art forms it needs to be practiced to get it right. If you’re tired of trying to approach beautiful women only to find they think you’re a creep or a pushover, keep these tips for how to approach women in mind.

Three Ways Not to Come off Like a Creep

  1. Be Confident, but Don’t Push It
  2. As The Huffington Post suggests, the best way to approach women is with confidence. Don’t approach someone you’re interested in acting like you’re afraid of them. Instead, start a normal conversation about the bar, game, or whatever venue you’re at. You clearly have similar tastes, and that common ground is a great place to start. Keep in mind, however, that there is a fine line between being confident and being overbearing. If the woman you’re talking to is clearly uncomfortable with the exchange, don’t try to force it.

  3. Don’t Play Games
  4. After taking the time to talk with the woman you’re interested in, don’t try to play games. If you’re making conversation — she’s laughing, you’re laughing– don’t beat around the bush. As’s Dating recommends, the best way to find success is to be direct. Tell her you want to get dinner or grab coffee to get to know her better.

  5. Watch for Positive Body Language
  6. For Jezebel, a popular feminist news site, learning how to read women’s body language is the key to learning how to approach women. For example, when you approach someone and strike up a conversation, are they avoiding eye contact? Are they holding their arms across their chest? Both are signs that they’re feeling defensive and want the interaction with you to end. Play it cool, and respect her boundaries.

If you’re tired of failing to achieve success with women, keep these tips in mind. You might be surprised how far a little bit of respect will go in winning their hearts.

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