Four Career Paths for Digital Media Arts Degrees

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If you have a creative mind and a strong independent streak, going to school for a digital media arts degree might be right for you. Entering the digital media and graphic design sector can be a great way for you to exercise your artistic strengths while having an exciting, thriving career. And a digital media arts degree is incredibly flexible, meaning there are a wide variety of jobs for which you will be qualified after graduating.

Here are the top four career fields you can enter with a digital media arts degree:

1. Graphic design: Graphic designers convey messages, information and themes through work that combines text, images and space. Graphic designers are responsible for virtually every form of visual branding or design that we see on a daily basis. A digital media arts degree will teach you all you need to know about successful visual communication to help prepare you for a career in graphic design.

2. Advertising and marketing: Design plays a vital role in the world of advertising and marketing. Companies rely on designers to come up with the visuals for marketing campaigns and even new company logos. As advertising and marketing become increasingly geared toward the Internet and multimedia, a digital media arts degree can be a great way to enter the field.

3. Computer animation: Many digital media arts degrees can prepare you for work in the computer animation field. More and more animated films are made exclusively with 3D computer animation software, making computer animation courses a highly in-demand asset to have on your resume.

4. Video game design: Video game art and design is currently one of the most rapidly-growing areas of design. You will be able to come up with the visuals for the hottest video games, knowing they’ll be seen and appreciated around the world.

If you have the artistic talent and the drive, obtaining a digital media arts degree can be a great first step into a unique and rewarding career. Apply to a digital media arts college today! Continue reading here:

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