Understanding Compression Springs and How They Relate to Your Vehicle


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You can find metal compression springs in a variety of devices including stamping presses, lawn mowers, medical devices, electronics, cell phones and sensitive instrumentation devices, but one of the main places you’ll find them is inside your car.

The most common shape for compression springs is helical. Helical springs are wound or constructed in such away that they oppose compression along the winding axis. This allows them to resist linear compressing forces, or push, making them one of the most efficient energy storage devices on the market.

A spring stores energy because of the resilience of its shape and releases the energy to absorb shocks or maintain a balance of force between two surfaces. The quality of a spring is generally measured by how much energy it can absorb, with springs absorbing the most energy considered the best.

Custom compression springs are often made of materials like beryllium copper, stainless steel and titanium, though they come in a variety of other metals as well.

They also come in various sizes. The most commonly used compression springs sold by automotive spring manufacturers are straight metal coils with the same diameter of for the entire length. Choosing the right size and shape is very important. A spring that’s too small in diameter won’t form the connections it needs to, and one that’s too large won’t allow for proper functionality.

Automotive spring manufacturers often create major components of a car’s suspension systems, since compression springs and coils resist being compressed under the weight of a car.

Since compression spring repair can be complicated, it’s often best left to professionals, but buying the parts yourself instead of from your auto repair shop can save you a significant amount of money.

When you choose a spring, make sure you’re selecting the materials, shape and style that match your vehicle. You can purchase compression springs from various automotive spring manufacturers online and in parts shops.

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