The Top Three Benefits of Being an Adjunct Instructor


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Finding jobs in higher education is expected to get easier in the next 10 years. In fact, the employment of post secondary teachers is expected to grow about 20%, which is more than the average for all occupations. One of the most common types of teaching jobs in higher education is adjunct jobs, which are basically just part time jobs for college professors. Here are a few of the main benefits of being an adjunct instructor.

1. A Variable Level of University Involvement
One of the main benefits of adjunct teaching jobs is that they require less involvement with the university than full time jobs do. Adjuncts usually do not have to participate (and in some cases are not permitted to) in the administrative and extracurricular responsibilities that full time faculty do, which can have its benefits.

2. Time to Continue Your Own Educational Pursuits
Since adjunct teaching jobs aren’t full time, one of the benefits of being an adjunct is that you’ll have the time to pursue your own academic projects. Many college professors have doctoral degrees, but if you don’t yet, an adjunct position will allow you to have time to pursue one. If you aren’t interested in getting another degree, this will give you time to focus on personal projects or work on getting something published.

3. It’s Not a Huge Commitment
Another benefit of adjunct faculty jobs is that they aren’t big commitments. If you’re not ready to settle down and live in a certain town, area, or teach at a certain university, an adjunct position is perfect. Since it’s only temporary you’ll be able to move on when you’re ready or work on getting a full time position at the university.

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