3 Cool Jobs You Can Get With a Communications Degree


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Earning a communications degree will make more career opportunities available to you than you imagine. Here are just a few of the most exciting places you can go as a communications major.

Public Relations. – With your communications degree, you can go into the world of public relations. You can choose to work for a small, medium, or large company, or even a nonprofit. Working for a large company, you’ll work on PR campaigns in a hyper-competitive, challenging place with large teams from whom you can learn a ton. If you’d prefer to be more hands on, and not just a face in a room, you can choose to work with a small business, and really develop a name and network for yourself. If you feel so compelled to help a certain cause — such as the environment, or perhaps against poverty — you can also do PR for a nonprofit.

Marketing. – Earning your communications degree give you the necessary training and experience to also work in the world of marketing. This is a very exciting opportunity, as everyone needs marketing, which means that you can go work somewhere that shares the same mission or values as you. For example, if you love reading and writing, you can do marketing for a literary agency. If you love theater, you can go work for a Broadway theater company.

Online Marketing. – Online marketing is still a relatively new field, and it’s expanding quickly. Companies need people to help them write content for their websites and/or blogs, and people to help them do social media. Your degree can qualify you for such a position.

If you’re looking for a more challenging, and rewarding college major, consider earning your communications degree. Your career will thank you for it.
If you have any questions about the careers you can get with a communications degree, feel free to share in the comments.

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