How to Start Your Career as an Apprentice Tattoo Artist


Old school tattoo ideas

There was a time not so long ago where getting tattoos that were openly visible was essentially a death wish when it came to finding a job. Fortunately for those who love ink, this art form has become much more widely accepted as a way for people to express themselves like any other medium. Because more and more people are becoming interested in this art form, the quality of the art and skill involved has greatly developed overtime.

Tattoos have grown so quickly in recent years that an estimated 20% of adults in the United States have at least one piece tattooed on their body. Thanks to this open acceptance, those who relish in the medium have begun to push the envelope even further in order to set themselves apart from the growing number of other artists.

Even though the medium of tattooing has never been as popular as it is now, it began a long time ago. The first tattoo artist just in the United States was a German immigrant by the name of Martin Hildebrant, who arrived in Boston in 1846. At the time, the art form was still developing, but his work and others like it still have an influence on others’ pieces and even spawned a genre of old school tattoo ideas.

This field has become so popular, that tattoo schools are now available for individuals to hone their skills. In order to become a tattoo artist, one must spend extensive amounts of time learning the trade and practicing. One of the best ways to do this is by becoming an apprentice tattoo artist. Working under a professional allows the apprentice tattoo artist to learn the proper techniques and even the most popular tattoo designs.

A well-trained and skilled artist will have no problem thriving in the industry with how much attention it has been receiving. Some may believe that they want to spread this medium solely to people who want their first tattoo, but considering that one in five adults in the United States have at least one tattoo, turning down customers who are already inked would severely cut down the potential customer base.

Becoming an apprentice tattoo artist is just the first step in creating a long career. With the wild interest the medium is receiving, never has the time been better to become an artist.

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