5 Reasons a Preschool Education is Invaluable


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Preschool and early pre-K are generally for children ages 1 through 5. These programs help children learn through play, so they are ready to move up through vpk school grades when the time comes. One of the main reasons a child goes to preschool is to get ready for kindergarten. In addition, preschool helps a child build a foundation for future life skills.

Prepare for Kindergarten
It takes a lot of preparation and getting used to preschool for a child to be ready to take on kindergarten. Yet, some kids do not get the appropriate amount of preparedness. 46% of surveyed kindergarten teachers replied that at least half of their students have trouble following directions, 34% of their students had trouble working independently, and 36% of the students lacked academic skills. Children at this age learn through play, so they still get plenty of play time while learning important skills.

Emotional and Social Development
While playing and experiencing creative learning, the child will also develop their emotional and social skills. By spending time away from the family, the child will learn how to trust the adults around them and create friendships with students in their classrooms. Furthermore, teachers in vpk school grades help the students control their frustrations and anger in a positive manner.

Nurtures Curiosity
Children are generally curious, so it is only natural they get to explore and play make believe in a safe environment. Often times preschoolers experience learning through art and music. Instrument or voice training is the most popular art class in preschool and older vpk school grades. In addition, studies have shown that students who study art are three times more likely to have better attendance and four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievements. By encouraging this curiosity and love for learning young, it will grow with the student as they get older.

Literacy and Math Skills
Starting out early in vpk school grades, the student will be provided with a strong foundation of literacy and math skills. In the pre-K and preschool classroom, there are a wide range of activities and games to encourage this type of learning. For example, some activities include, singing, putting together a puzzle, or using magnetic letters to spell out simple words.

Take Care of Themselves
As children grow older, they need to learn important life skills. Pre-k and preschool encourage these skills be offering students to feed the class animal, help set a table for snack, or keep their belongings in a certain place. Eventually these skills will translate into the child’s home life, making school and home well structured environments.

These five reasons will provide your child with a head start in academics and be ready for kindergarten on time. Furthermore, they will advance through vpk school grades much more easily than if they did not go to pre-k or preschool.

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