The Many Benefits of Using a Speech and Language Pathologist


Speech and language development

Children often pick up their language and their words from those around them. That might be their parents, their siblings or the children they interact with in day cares or preschool programs. However, even with the constant interaction and suggestion of words; some children are still left with speech disorders. There are a variety of problems that can arise during the communication learning process, and this is where the services of speech-language pathology can be beneficial for the parent and for the child.

It is best to notice and then to correct any speech or language problems early on. It will be easier for the child to compromise and learn ways around their disability when they are younger. They may have a harder time adjusting once they are older. It is also cheaper if dealt with early on. Early speech and hearing therapy saves money; every $1 spent in early age saves $7 on education/services later on. A speech-language pathology specialist can provide a parent and their child with many resources to assist with a variety of issues. Firstly, they will provide evaluation and treatment of communication disorder. They will work with the parent on an agreed upon treatment plan, and will provide the parent with speech therapy ideas and social communication that they can work on at home.

In a survey of pathologists and audiologists, 51.5% said it is ?somewhat challenging? to get information to parents about a school-age child with a potential speech or hearing disorder. Remaining in contact with the child?s teacher and school can help them communicate any problems and provide any needed resources much easier. The reported prevalence of language delay in children two to seven years of age ranges from 2.3 to 19% and this language delay is something that a speech-language pathology specialist can help with. They can also provide parents and teachers with creative ideas for speech therapy for speech and language development. Teachers may even be able to implement these creative speech therapy ideas into their classroom, assisting the child while in their learning environment.

Finding and then working with a child?s speech and language issue early on is important. It increases the chances that the child will be able to adjust to the disorder, and that they will have access to the necessary resources. It will also help them to excel in school and in social situations if awareness is made early on. If the issue is not dealt with until well into the school years; the child may be very far behind already. With the proper treatment plan and the necessary resources, a child can quickly catch back up and not let their speech or language disability interfere with their life.

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