5 Things that You Can Do With a Human Development and Family Studies Degree


Family studies major

If you are majoring in a human development and family studies degree program then you might be wondering what you are going to be able to use your degree for. You may have had an idea in mind when you first started your Bachelors degree or masters or wherever you are at but maybe somewhere along the way, you changed your mind. That can happen a lot. When there are various areas that you could go into with one degree, it’s easy to think you want one thing. But then, when you experience the other industries and areas that are opening up to you, you’ll see that there is so much more that you could be doing. Let’s go back to the human development and family studies degree and see just what kind of jobs would be open to someone who has one.

Social Worker, Counselor, Psychologist
So many human development and family studies degree majors want to go into some sort of counselling work that involves these things. The skills that are required for each of these three jobs are similar but the jobs themselves are pretty different. Do a little research to see which one will work for you. There might be extra schooling required for some jobs. This is such a rewarding job and you can help so many people. There are a lot of hurting people in the world that need social workers and therapists to guide them and help them through. You could be a part of putting families together or helping someone out of a dark place.

If you are interested in getting into the academic industry then having this kind of degree could really help you. This degree is great for getting involved in teaching and education. However, depending on the state, you might need a specialized certification over and beyond a human development and family studies degree. Make sure that you look into it before you start anything. You don’t want to end up finishing up and realizing that you have more schooling to do before you can start your dream job. Don’t be disappointed or slowed down by this set back. Do your research and plan out everything that you need to do before getting started.

Non-Profit Workers
Talk about one of the most challenging yet rewarding careers in the working world. Local and national organizations alike really look kindly upon people that have a passionate heart and have combined that with higher education. It really shows them that you are serious about what you want to do. So many people can volunteer for a little while and that’s great. Helping out non profts and volunteering is always a good thing and you can really make a difference doing it. However, to get into a career with a non profit organization, you need to have a degree.

Business Person
Believe it or not, having a human development and family studies degree can actually get you a career in the business field to. Having strong people skills is so important to business management. You could have the most unique and creative idea for your business but if you can’t communicate and listen and understand people and processes then you’ll never be able to make it as a business person. These types of skills are so essential to this industry.

Health Worker
You could also consider exploring a health related career if you wanted to. Combining your love of providing support with medical training could be a great way to a career in the health industry. There are various different careers that would be available from paramedics to home health care nurses, pediatrics and more. People like that need to be empathetic, understanding and personal. They see a lot of hard things and deal with sensitive cases so knowing how to deal with families and humans in general is very important.

So, if you are getting ready to start studying for this degree, keep an open mind about the type of work that you might want to get into later. Volunteer and get some hands on experience before you make your final decision.

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