Why Blended Online School Environments Are Replacing Traditional Classroom Structures

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Education comes in many different shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, many modern school settings still don’t recognize this simple truth. Many students find themselves struggling to maintain good grades in light of additional factors in their life, many of which aren’t properly accommodated by traditional school structures. When graduation is your major goal and your current setting isn’t conducive to this, an online STEM curriculum could be what you’re looking for. Blended schools provide more flexibility than the average school, allowing you to get a quality education on your own time.

Public And Private Schools

Whether you go to a public or private school, it’s more than possible you’re not receiving the flexibility you need to graduate. The majority of public and private schols alike will have an average of one teacher to 25 or even 30 students, making individual attention fleeting at best and putting your future at risk. The 2013 to 2014 academic year saw over 447 full-time virtual schools enrolling 262,000 students, however, and 16 states already have blended learning models in place. According to a survey provided by Learning In The 21st Century, over 70% of respondents feel blended learning models are a superior option.

Common Student Concerns

Perhaps you’re turning to an independent high school due to the strain of taking care of a child. Maybe you have a form of mental illness that makes concentration more difficult than it should be. It’s important to remember you’re far from alone in your struggles, with many students sharing their daily concerns when it comes to succeeding in a STEM curriculum. The U.S. Department Of Education has analyzed these trends and discovered two out of five high schools don’t offer physics classes. Another survey saw 20% of students feeling they aren’t learning much in their current math classes.

Common Student Needs

When students are worried they aren’t receiving the skills they need in their classes and fear they won’t be able to graduate, what are the elements that would change this mindset for the better? Parents who responded to a 2013 Trends In Online Learning constantly cited the ability to work at one’s own pace as the major benefit of online hybrid learning schools and a blended STEM curriculum. While this can make some worry about losing quality, never fear. Blended learning is the way to go in the modern day.

Common Student Benefits

Online high school courses are widely considered the best way to provide a variety of students the education they need to thrive in a college or work setting. A Global Shapers Survey saw 40% of respondents saying online education is just as strong as traditional learning in the classroom, with the additional benefit of more flexible schedules, one-on-one attention and a more cohesive testing environment. The 2013 Trends In Online Learning also saw nearly 60% of teachers agreeing students were more motivated to learn in a blended environment.

Choosing An Online High School

Don’t let life get in the way of your education. With blended learning models and an online STEM curriculum at your fingertips you can achieve the same rigorous teaching models at your own pace. A free online school allows you to learn as you go and when you need it, encouraging higher rates of retention and more motivation than a rigid classroom model attempting a one-size-fits-all approach. Professor Clayton Christensen believes that, by the time 2019 arrives, over half of all classes from kindergarten to senior year will be online. If you’re not getting the education you need, consider an online school and see the huge difference it will make in your life.

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