Boarding Schools Why Finding Another May Be Right


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Americans face a difficult decision. Their children, whom they desire to be successful and wealthy and care free, are struggling within their public school. They place well, their scores are well enough to put them into play for college scholarships, but you, their parent, want more.

Parents know their kids well and seeing any kind that is performing at a level that is high but not nearly enough compared to their potential harbors a sense of resentment against the school. They want the best for their children. And at this school they are not getting it.

Parents have heard the stories before. Teachers are ill-prepared. Schools lack funding. Programs are lacking where it matters. The atmosphere within the school is not allowing your child to live up to his or her potential. These are difficult situations. These are difficult circumstances.

Parents read the news and watch TV: They understand how cut throat today’s work environment is. There are struggles for those coming out of college; to find a job, to be employed at the level of their education, to pay back thousands upon thousands of dollars in student loans. Their child will be in college in a matter of years.

What will give them the best opportunity for success?

The answer is simple: Instead of a public school, try a private prep academy. Here’s why.

There are over 300 boarding schools in the United States. What do boarding schools offer, in terms of student satisfaction? One study by the Association of Boarding Schools found that:

  • 75% of boarding school students said their school was supportive, compared to just 50% of public school students.
  • 95% of boarding school students said their academic experience was satisfying, compared to 86% of public school students.
  • 75% of boarding school students say their peers are motivated, compared to just 49% of public school students.
  • 78% of boarding school students said they were prepared for college, compared to just 23% of public school students.

Parents of public school students struggle. There are many issues with public schools, from the funding at the top, to the classroom and school culture, to the safety involved in many, to the academic standards, to the experience of the teachers. It is a difficult environment to keep their child in, knowing they might not be prepared for the future.

College is extremely important for both the parent and generally the child. Counselors in public high schools reported spending only 22% of their time on college-related counseling, while that number jumped to 55% at private schools.

While public schools have the notoriety of returning students back to lesser and lower academic standards than private or boarding schools, there are some important points to make about them. They are affordable, costing the parent just money for basic necessities. And while there are some notoriously difficult school districts, many try their best.

Of course, when thinking about private schools and boarding schools, think about the cost. It may cost tens of thousands of dollars each year to send a student off to boarding school or to a private schools. For some parents, that may be a deal breaker. However, fortunately, more and more private schools have scholarships.

Today, approximately one-third of all boarding school students receive financial aid. It is certainly possible to receive a full ride of a boarding school. However, many prep schools have financial aid requirements. For example, students must have a solid academic record with at least a 2.5 GPA.

The child must also have a say, in some cases, whether that say is small or large. Maybe he or she will not do well in a boarding school setting. A private school might be difficult for religious beliefs or backgrounds and ethnicity. For instance, the top private schools in Orlando may have particular aspects that either help or challenge.

Searching for a top private school may be as simple as searching for one in Google–such as Top Private Schools in Orlando. Another person may look into referrals for top private schools in Orlando–asking friends or family members where the best school is or what they think.

Finding top private schools such as top private schools in Orlando is tricky and may be difficult, but as the earlier survey results show, is worth it.

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