Over 60% Of Jobs In 2020 Will Require A Post-Secondary Degree Have You Considered Online Courses?


Online learning

Going back to school is tougher than ever. Getting a higher education is expensive…and it’s not just the student loans you have to worry about.

The daily commute, the lab fees, keeping yourself well-fed while being on-the-go…and that’s a story that changes exponentially depending on your part-time job, the amount of children you have and any extenuating circumstances that could get in the way. Yes, getting an education can seem downright impossible with so much already on your plate. That’s where online learning comes into play. Convenient and accessible while still giving you the tools you need to succeed, more students than ever are turning not to their local classroom settings, but their computer to advance their careers.

New to the benefits of online history courses and certification? Learn more below.

Online Courses Are Just As Effective As Traditional Classes

A common misconception about online history courses and IT home courses is that they lack the punch of traditional classroom learning. The fact of the matter is quite different. While old-fashioned classrooms certainly have a place in today’s society, online learning is more convenient and affordable while still offering the same potential for growth. Today over 30% of higher education students take at least one online course. Additional studies found 65% of personal learners making new friends through their online lectures.

Home Learning Can Save You Money In Many Areas Of Your Life

Education is expensive. Unfortunately, you need to make money to make money. When you’re frustrated with the onset of student loans and still want to advance your career, online history courses can meet you halfway. A recent study found nearly 70% of online students stating they actively preferred online learning because of their increased ability to balance work, family and a social life. Being able to study from home or anywhere with a wi-fi connection also reduces the need for a commute, saving you money on gas and keeping your car running smoothly for longer.

There Are A Wide Variety Of Fields You Can Study

Worried that your particular career field might not be conducive to a study at home model? Never fear. More fields than ever are embracing the benefits of the online learning model, from nursing to graphic design to teaching. A recent study saw 80% of personal learners stating they pursued knowledge in an area of personal interest to make their lives more interesting and whole. Another 35% stated they actively wanted to turn a hobby into something that could generate side-income. When online learning already utilizes an effective form of retention, it’s hard not to see why this method is so successful.

Visual Learning Is Proven To Be One Of The Most Effective

People learn in different ways. Some fare better in a team, while others prefer to work alone. One person might like to listen to music while working, while others prefer a quiet environment. Visual learning is still one of the most effective methods of learning for many, with visual aids in classrooms improving learning by over 400%. This carries over just as well to online learning environments that utilize a mixture of photos, videos and text to bring the best out in today’s students. One research paper concluded around 65% of the population are visual learners.

Online Courses Are Paving The Way For The Next Generation

While the traditional classroom setting isn’t going anywhere, the next generation is going to be carried by online learning models. One survey found 65% of online students stating they love the ability to study at their own pace, wherever they choose and at their convenience. Recent predictions have also indicated over 60% of jobs will require post-secondary education by the time 2020 arrives. It’s never been a better time to make the transition from frustrated dreamer to personal learner, as online history courses and online lectures only get better by the day.

Going back to school is tough, but with online learning, it’s far from impossible.

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