5 Tips for Easing the Switch to Private Schools


There are many important decisions that parents make for their children. Considering that, many parents are realizing how beneficial it is for their children to attend private schools. In fact, private schools now account for 25% of all schools throughout the United States. That being said, this transition might be more difficult for your child. However, there are helpful tips that help take the nerves out of this process. In this post, you’ll learn five tips for helping your child make the switch to a private middle school.

  1. Tour the School with Your Child

    One of the best ways to calm nerves about attending a new school is to tour it. Fortunately, nearly all private schools allow touring to take place during orientation periods. This is a great time for the nerves of you and your child to be put at ease. Throughout orientation, you and your child will be able to tour the school. This is important to help make families feel at home. In addition, your child will get to meet his or her teachers.
  2. Place Your Child in Extracurricular Activities

    Private middle schools are known for their extracurricular activities. While private schools remain small, these groups allow students to be in smaller groups. In addition, students taking part in the same extracurricular activity already have a shared interest. Therefore, this is a great way for children new to private schools to make a lot of friends.
  3. Ensure Conversations Remain Positive

    Children usually have a lot of questions about attending private middle schools. With that in mind, it’s important to remember to keep things positive. You might have bad memories of switching to a new school. However, you don’t want to place these memories and feelings on your child. Instead, remember a few positive facts about private school to bring up during these conversations. For instance, you could remind your child that 87% of private schools teach fewer than 300 students. This is often a relief for many children used to crowded public schools.
  4. Keep After School Routines Familiar

    It’s impossible to control how your child feels about attending a new school. However, you can do your best to keep things familiar after school is over. it’s recommended that you keep after school routines familiar. If you take your children out for pizza every Friday, keep doing this after picking them up from private schools. These familiar routines ensure children have an easier time adjusting to their school.
  5. Find Ways to Volunteer

    There are many benefits for parents with children enrolled in a private middle school. One of these benefits is having the opportunity to be involved in your child’s education. Many private schools encourage parents to participate in various events. Moving to a new school isn’t only hard for a child, it’s often tough for parents. You’ve likely built a life for yourself, making moving quite the adjustment. Considering that, being involved in school groups is a great way to make new friends.

In conclusion, there are many ways to properly prepare your child for attending a private school. These educational facilities ensure your child is prepared to enter the real world. In fact, statistics show that 60-80% of private school teachers have some type of advanced degree. While it might seem unlikely, your child will soon become used to a private school environment. In turn, you’ll enjoy the feeling of knowing your child receives a quality education.

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