Before You Get Your Contractors License In Arizona


Making the decision to get your contractors license was one that you had an easy time with. The difficult part of that is now exactly how do you obtain your license and what things do you have to put on your to do list in order to maintain it? If you’re looking to get your Arizona contractor license here are a couple of things to keep in mind prior to your classes, tests, and bond service prep.

Evaluate Your Expectations

Before you make any jump to go forth with your contractors license make sure that you first have everything in ready order. Read through all of the requirements and codes in order to know that you’re qualified for the process that will precede you. Be sure that you have all of your experience and that you’re ready to go along with whatever these tests and trials may throw at you.


Arizona contractor license exam preparation is imperative to passing and attaining your Arizona contractor licenses. These exams must be passed by at least 70% so getting all of your studying in and making sure to put all of your time and effort into them can be the difference between successfully attaining your license and failing your exams. A specific trade and a business management exam are both very important exams that will make you eligible for a waver.

Background Checks Required

Submit all background checks that are required. The receipts of payment transactions and the background checks are a required part of your process.


Make sure that your entity is registered and that all of your dues have been paid before you proceed with your processes and enter into your Arizona contractor license so that you can go right into your business.

Bond Requirements

Be sure that you do all of your research and have everything in line for your bond requirements. This can be one of the most difficult aspects but making sure that you have everything in line and everything together is the most important part. While these may seem expensive they are a necessary part of obtaining your Arizona contractor licenses. Your Arizona contractor bond needs to be dealt with and gone into very carefully.

Completed Application

Your fully complete application can be ready to be submitted once you have all aspects sorted out including all fees, tests, bonds, and background checks done. Make sure that everything is done in full and that you have had acceptable and proper forms of identification to prove yourself to whomever might be looked and asking to approve your application.

Soon, you will be registered with the Arizona registrar of contractors. Your Arizona contractor licenses is a taxing and difficult process to attain but when you have everything together and completed it will be worth everything that you’ve put into it and you’ll be able to run your own business and make your living doing something that you’ve both studied for and earned wholeheartedly.

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