Are You Satisfied with the Education Your Children Are Getting in School?


Education matters. Of all of the political discussions of the day, the importance of education is a fact that no one will dispute. Just how that education should be administered, however, gives people plenty to talk about. Not surprising, the kind of education that is important to many parents is the kind of education they received themselves. From discussions about the best neighborhood schools to conversations about the difference between private and public education, there are many times when these conversations can be pretty intense. What matters to everyone though is that children are able to be in a classroom with qualified teachers who care about individual students. Rigorous college preparatory curriculum is the goal for some families, while a list of classes that include skills that will prepare a student to be an electrician, plumber, or other career that is in high demand is what other families are looking for.

From the top private schools in Miami to the neighborhood public schools in Omaha, there are many times when the success of a student will be determined by the parents in the family. You can, for instance, send your child to one of the top private schools in Miami, but if you are never home long enough to be certain that your child attends you will not likely be happy with the results. Likewise, a family attending a neighborhood school in Omaha may not be satisfied with the results if parents are not involved in the child’s development. Study after study have shown that family statistics are often the biggest indicator of how successful a child will be in school. Families that have homes filled with books and spend time together often have students who succeed in class. And while there will always be outliers who perform beyond any expectations, it is important to be a parent who is involved in the education of your child.

Are You Looking for a Spot in a Top Private School for Your Child?

From private elementary schools to the private school extracurricular activities that are included at the top high schools, parenting will always play a role in the lives of your child. Interestingly enough, the best parenting often needs to be in direct support of what classroom teachers are expecting. If, for instance, you always allow your youngest children to use your cell phone or their own electronic devices when they are bored then you likely will have a child who will face difficult situations at school. Supporting class room teachers who try to limit technology for the sake of entertainment can help children see that the same is expected of them whether they are at home or at school. Too often, educators deal with the consequences of parents who take the easy way out and let television shows and technology be a substitute for other important life skills.
Currently, there are 33,619 private schools in the U.S. serving 5.4 million prekindergarten through grade 12 students. Not even the best of these schools, however, can adequately prepare students if they do not have the backing of a parent. More than just paying tuition, parents need to find a way to support the school in everything from student attendance to making parent teacher conferences a priority. You can pay for the top private schools in Miami or any other major metropolitan area, but if your children do not see that you value the educational standards of that school you are not sending the right message. The recent college admissions scandal that exposed parents who were cheating to get their high schoolers into the top colleges may be the most exaggerated example of when parents did not really have the right intentions.

Parents who want to pay their way into the top private schools in Miami or Los Angeles or any other major city, but then use less than noble means to cover up for the fact that their children so not have the academic records needed to get into these schools are an example of how things can go so very wrong in today’s educational world. No matter what school your child attends, your behavior should reflect the best educational values.

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