Why Your Children Should Learn Another Language

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Being bilingual in today’s day and age is something of a huge importance, especially as the world continues to become more and more globalized with each passing year. For instance, Spanish is a growing language in the United States, with more and more people speaking Spanish as a native language with each passing year. In addition to this, up to 21 different countries throughout the world actually have Spanish as their official language. This has made Spanish the second most spoken language on a global scale, with very nearly 400 million people speaking Spanish all throughout the world. This means that there are even more people speaking Spanish than English, so if you are raising your child in a household that primarily speaks in English, if not exclusively so, consider something such as a Spanish immersion program for your children to attend from a young age.

After all, the typical Spanish immersion program will leave with with a number of lifelong benefits that will follow them far past the conclusion of the Spanish immersion program in question. For instance, learning a second language early on in life actually makes it easier to learn a third language, something that even more broadly expands the skill set of the child or person in question. And in addition to this, those who can speak more than one language fluently will actually make up to one fifth more per hour than their peers working similar jobs and in similar roles – but without a bilingual background. Therefore, the Spanish immersion program can only help your child to develop tools for success in the long run.

Even if you do not have access to something like a Spanish immersion program, Spanish curriculum lessons are becoming more and more available for younger children even in predominantly English speaking schools. For instance, Spanish curriculum lessons for preschool students have grown common, as too have Spanish curriculum lessons for elementary school students. After all, it is hugely important for children to be exposed to other languages at a young age – before the age of ten, most experts agree, though some will even say that children should begin the process of learning a new language even before the age of eight, for that matter. This is because, through means of learning like repetition, play, and imitation, children are able to naturally acquire languages throughout the first eight years. After this, for the next four years language acquisition is still naturally possible, but becomes more difficult and less simple of a process. And by the time that a child surpasses their 12th birthday, learning a brand new language that they have never before been exposed to is still not impossible, but will be very challenging indeed, to say the very least – much as it is for adults, who have brains with far less plasticity, to learn a new language.

Fortunately, Spanish language immersion programs make it easy to learn. Such Spanish language immersion programs teach children in the way that they learn best – by immersing them in the world of the Spanish language, as the title of Spanish language immersion programs suggests. Fortunately, such Spanish language immersion programs are becoming more and more commonplace all throughout the United States. In many cases, students can begin Spanish language immersion programs from a very young age, meaning that the Spanish language immersion programs in question will be able to have the greatest possible impact on their development as a bilingual citizen of the world. And while Spanish language immersion programs might cost a bit more than your typical preschool, many parents find the cost of enrolling their child or children in these Spanish language immersion programs to be more than worth it at the end of the day for the lifetime benefits that such Spanish language immersion programs can impart upon their children.

Ultimately, all parents of the modern age should consider something like Spanish language immersion programs, as such Spanish language immersion programs can really help to give their children the best start to life possible. Being bilingual is already a valuable skill, and one that is only likely to become more important in the years that are ahead of us.

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