The Importance of CPR Certification


Whether you are employed in the fitness, healthcare or eldercare field, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, better known as CPR, training is a requirement. However, learning this technique is not limited to those employed in the fields mentioned. CPR is a very important skill to have and everyone can learn it. It helps keep blood and valuable oxygen flowing, and for those that suffer cardiac arrest, it dramatically increases the probability of survival. Here are some important reasons why you should learn CPR this year:

CPR Saves Lives

Heart disease has been steadily on the rise for years. CPR can help save lives. There were over 350,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in 2016. A shocking 88% of those who suffer from cardiac arrest, and are not in a hospital, don’t make it. However, once properly and promptly performed, CPR will dramatically improve the probability of survival.

CPR – Anyone Can Learn How to do It

Anyone can learn CPR and everybody ought to. However, many feel powerless when presented with the idea of a cardiac emergency. The reason for this may largely be because they do not have adequate training to effectively administer CPR. Another reason is that they never kept their certification up-to-date. CPR certification courses happen frequently and can be as short as one day. They are held in many locations which make them convenient to attend.

CPR Can Save the Life of a Loved One

Some may not realize this, but four out of five cardiac arrests occur at home. As mentioned before, the majority of cardiac arrests that happen at home, do not end well. There is also a myth that those who are in good shape do not need to worry about suffering a heart attack. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Many otherwise healthy people still fall victim to cardiac arrest. CPR administered quickly at home, could save the life of somebody you love.

A CPR Certification Course Makes You Smarter

Let’s face it, by the time you complete a CPR certification course, you’ll understand one thing that you simply didn’t understand before you started. The process and techniques you learn are specific to this special form of treatment. You will learn about parts of the human body and how to administer CPR with as little pain as possible. These are wonderful new concepts and techniques to learn.

CPR Makes You Confident in an Emergency

CPR certification classes can equip you with the tools, and therefore the skills, you need to build confidence. Change your role from that of spectator to lifesaver. A CPR certification course can provide you with essential coaching to make the best decisions in the event of a cardiac emergency.

CPR Certification Classes Are Fun

By nature, a CPR training course is active and interactive. While there may be some on-line coaching included, course participants can learn the way to properly perform chest compressions in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The participants come from all walks of life and professions and many friendships can be made.

A CPR training course can prepare you to take action in event of an emergency. It gives you the knowledge to administer a life-saving procedure on someone suffering from a cardiac event. Taking a course near you will not take a lot of time and just might end up saving someone’s life. It is something to seriously consider.

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