What You Should Know About Your Air Conditioning



Whether you are a newer home owner, or recently got air conditioning installed, learning more about how your air conditioning services are functioning is important for diagnosing issues. With your unit, there are three parts included between the outdoor, indoor, and living space components, and all these parts need to be working together. When the temperature rises, the signal is sent to the thermostat to the circuit board asking for cold air.

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Then, the blower motor turns on in the house and the compressor outside sends air inside to the condensing coils to remove warm, moist air. The warm air is blown back outside, while cold refrigerant is being pumped into the house through the ductwork of the house. The warm air is being removed through the return air vents while the cold air is blown in through the supply vents, occurring at the same time. To avoid needing to call a professional for air conditioning services, check out some of the most common problems to the air conditioning unit can have by learning how it runs and operates.


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