Fire Hydrant Pressure Tests Footage and Why They are Necessary



With the danger of forest fires and the chaos of urban infernos, it is fortunate to have firefighters dedicated to the work they do. Follow this informational segment from ABC 10 Up to understand the process these authorities go through to ensure fire hydrants are functioning properly. This guide will give you insight into the fire hydrant pressure tests, including a few tips about your water line.

The work of preventing fires belongs to everyone, but once the fire has begun, it is important to leave the quenching up to the people with experience.

Video Source

A vital tool in the process of putting out fires is the fire hydrant. In this video, you can witness the fire hydrant pressure tests to ensure they are functioning efficiently. This process is one that happens annually. The proper water pressure is essential when a blaze needs to be extinguished. The fire departments of counties throughout the country require a high level of reliability for their fire hydrants.

To receive an idea of how much the water system can take, the fire departments take stock. Become more familiar with the testing and work of your local fire department.

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