Little-Known Facts About Land Surveying

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Land surveying is the process of taking measurements of big areas. Civil engineers have to examine an area before they can design anything. Normally, you hire a land survey company for these projects. It might seem scary to everyday people, but Practical Engineering uploaded their video “How does land surveying work?” to describe how this process works.

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Facts about Land Surveying

It’s the first step in every civil engineering project. It determines the boundaries of a plot, the infrastructure already located there, and the kind of land they’ll be dealing with.

Every single big structure created throughout history needed land surveying at the very beginning. Therefore, the practice goes back to just about the beginning of human history.

Surveying is also how the great topographers of the past created the maps of each continent as we know them today. A great example of this is the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India, which took 70 years to complete.

The most important tool in surveying is the theodolite, which measures the angle between two points. Then, engineers can figure out the location of these points with trigonometry. The most modern theodolites are known as total stations, and they have built-in computers that record and calculate everything quickly.

You might have seen technicians from a land survey company peeking through an odd-looking telescope. That’s a total station! So, land surveying is an interesting process, and it’s not as scary. Did you know these facts already?


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