The Various Stages of the Process of Getting Dentures

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Dentures come in a variety of forms, and the two common ones are detachable dentures and implant dentures. The more conventional choice of removable dentures requires the patient to take them out before bedtime. Before getting a denture, a careful examination of the patient’s teeth and current state of oral health is checked to choose the appropriate type of dentures for them.

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The dentist will look for any signs of illness or tooth decay that could interfere with the fitting of dentures.
Following the examination, the dentist will take measurements and a model of the teeth to verify that the dentures perfectly fit the natural teeth. After receiving these results, the dental lab will next design the dentures according to the specifications. After the dentures are finished, they will invite the patient in for a fitting to make sure they fit properly. They’ll ensure the person can wear the dentures without experiencing any discomfort. During this session, they will make any required adjustments to the dentures. Although it could take some time to get used to it, the patient will soon have the same performance and control as natural teeth.

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