What is Spray Foam Insulation?

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Spray foam insulation or SPF (spray polyurethane foam) is a barrier material used to seal ceiling, floor, or wall nooks against air movement. According to the narrator in the video, when spray foam is applied, two different synthetic materials are fed into a spraying machine, combine at the nozzle and react at high heat to expand into spray foam. Spray foam can be used in barns, commercial buildings, and homes.

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How many types of spray foam exist?

Open cell SPF can be applied to open cavities in specific structures. Closed cell SPF is a spray plastic that creates an air seal and insulation. Unlike open-cell SPF, closed-cell SPF isn’t recommended for homes, especially if the space is limited.

Open cell SPF can be applied to open cavities in any structure. It establishes an air seal and continuous insulation in the space where it is applied. Open cell SPF is elastic, lightweight, and can expand up to 100 times to fill any cavity where it’s applied. Its biggest benefit over closed cell SPF is that it’s cheaper while offering the same air seal and insulation.

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