7 Tips You Should Know if You Own a Well



If you own a well, your life will be much easier, and there will be fewer headaches when dealing with your well system if you use these tips. The first important tip is that you will need a sharpie to note the relevant information, such as the pump’s model number, date of installation, and depth at which it was installed. Put this information in your control box for quick future reference. Using an amp meter, take an amp reading as the well pumping fills the pressure tank and document your finding. You will use this information to determine if there is an increase or decrease in amperage, which will assist in problem identification.

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Check the pressure in your pressure tank at least once a year. Note that the best setting to keep your pump at is two or three psi below the cut in pressure.

When your technician comes around for regular assessments, ask questions, and be proactive to understand how the components of the system work. All this knowledge will help you save money for minor fixes, and you will be in a position to hold technicians accountable. Finally, equip yourself with water test kits to know what is in your water at least once a year.

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