How can private schools affect SAT scores positively?



For students who wish to go on to college after 12th grade, the SAT exam is unavoidable. Most of the elite schools in the country use it to measure a student’s abilities, so scoring well on the exam is crucial. For students and their parents, an important question to ask is whether a public or private school will help them do better on the exam. For students who attend private institutions, the average SAT score is typically 1235. For all students, across all schools, the national average score is only 1060. Clearly, students at private schools have an advantage. Let’s take a look at how these schools can improve SAT scores.

One-On-One Attention

There are a number of factors that contribute to private school students achieving higher SAT scores. They typically have smaller class sizes, which allows for more individualized attention and instruction. The one-on-one time students get with their teachers is beneficial to getting the help they need and understanding the lessons better.

High-Quality Teachers

Private schools tend to have more experienced and higher-quality teachers. In these private institutions, teachers normally have a degree in what they teach. Since they don’t have just a general teaching degree, they are certified to teach whatever subject they were hired for. Students in their class will then learn a lot more about the subject in a more clear way.

AP Courses Are Offered

Private schools often offer more AP and honors courses, which can better prepare students for the rigors of the SAT. Since these institutions place a big stress on getting good grades and getting the education they need to succeed outside of school, your child will be prepared for such an important exam. Also, they typically have more resources overall, which can lead to better facilities and materials within these tougher classes and help prepare them for the SATs.

Catholic schools can be a good choice for students preparing for the SAT and have a strong emphasis on moral education and character formation, which can be beneficial for students as they prepare to enter college and the workforce. Catholic schools also have a tradition of academic excellence, which can be helpful for students who are aiming to score well on the SAT.

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