Why do private schools only hire teachers who have degrees in their chosen subject?

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Choosing a school for your child is a huge decision. This one decision will affect so many aspects of your child’s life and future. If you have been considering private institutions, there are many factors that you should think about. One of the most important factors is the quality of the staff that will be working with your child. Let’s look at why private schools hire teachers with degrees in their chosen subjects.


Privately-run institutions often seek out teachers who have degrees in their chosen teaching subjects. It is estimated that 60% to 80% also have advanced degrees as well, according to ThoughtCo. Holding a degree in a chosen teaching field indicates a strong passion for that subject. You should consider that each of these teachers invested years of their life, not to mention a great deal of money, to study this particular subject. Above and beyond simply having a passion or desire to teach, this person also has a passion for that particular field of study. This can make a huge difference when they are in front of students day in and day out.


The fact that many private schools hire teachers with a degree in their subject also helps to ensure parents that their child will be receiving a quality education. There is a vast difference between the education a child would receive in an American Literature class from someone who simply has a general teaching degree and from someone who has spent years studying English Literature. That individual will be bringing a deeper understanding of literature, grammar, writing style, and more than someone who did not study it deeply. This trickles down into the quality of the education the students are receiving on a daily basis.


When an individual wants to teach and also pursue a degree in their chosen subject, it shows a level of dedication that will influence the way they teach every day. It is no small feat to obtain a degree in a chosen subject area and to become a licensed teacher. This means they are dedicated to imparting their knowledge to their students!

Wonderful teachers will provide your child with a top-notch Montessori education! Look for these qualities as you search your options.

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