The Interesting History of the Modern HVAC Service



If you’re in a warm climate, you’re probably thankful for your HVAC service. However, not many people think about the process that allowed us to enjoy this modern convenience. Here’s just a little bit about the history of HVAC systems.

You may be surprised to know that cooling systems go all the way back to ancient periods. For example, many people used fans and many buildings in warm climates were designed to stay cool under the blistering sun. For example, adobe buildings have a history going back thousands of years in the Americas. These buildings are meant to absorb heat in the day to cool the interior which is then released during the cool nights in the desert.

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Fast forward to 1902 and we find that Willis Carrier utilized advancements in electrical power to invent the first electrical air conditioner. Rather than keeping people cool, the original purpose of this invention was to decrease humidity in paper mills to prevent wrinkling in sheets of paper. Thankfully this invention had an even more useful purpose which we still appreciate today.

Just like any technology, HVAC had a long history of developments before it was perfected into the technology we had today. Over thousands of years, went from the humble adobe hut to the advanced HVAC system we now enjoy. Next time you cool off on a hot summer’s day, be sure to thank the millennia of forward-thinking inventors!

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