What It Is Like Studying for an Arts and Humanities PhD



In the video above, the reporter discusses the challenges and rewards of pursuing an arts and humanities PhD. The journey is likened to a roller coaster with peaks and troughs of confidence, enjoyment, and the pressure of self-governance in research. The aim of a PhD is emphasized as creating an original contribution to knowledge, which the reporter achieved by becoming a Doctor of Philosophy.

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It’s important to recognize the competitive and challenging nature of undertaking a Ph.D., including difficulty obtaining funding. The application process, research plan development, and the role of supervisors are highlighted. The diversity in approaches to Ph.D. projects is discussed, with insights into practice-led PhDs, which involve different structures and the necessity to evidence one’s practice.

Finally, the reporter reflects on the challenges encountered during a PhD, from time management struggles to feelings of isolation. The importance of support networks, both within and outside the university, is emphasized. The video concludes with reflections on the viva examination and the value of a PhD in different fields, highlighting the transferable skills gained through the process. The reporter encourages individuals to consider pursuing an arts and humanities PhD if they have a deep fascination and hunger for knowledge but also acknowledges the challenges and the need for a particular set of skills and personality traits.

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