Here’s why sound and rhythm should be part of your child’s pre-k experience

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If you were to walk into a local preschool and watch the students play music and dance, you might think it’s all in the name of having fun. While there is fun to be had, it can also play a big part in their development. According to the online magazine Your Modern Family, if a young child does 15 months of musical training, they can have structural brain changes occur. Here are other reasons why sound and rhythm should be included in your child’s pre-K experience.

They Can Learn Music Like Languages

The best time for someone to learn a language is when they are a child. That’s because their neural pathways are still fresh, and they can easily pick up a language. By learning music, sound, and rhythm, children can apply this to improving their language skills.

It’s Part of Core Developmental Curriculum

Think of the music classes in a local preschool as being the very early building blocks of a child’s mind. Music is a core part of your child’s educational development, and it supports their social and emotional development. Your child can have a blast learning music while developing core traits by supporting their emotional, physical, and mental growth.

Start a Passion

As a parent, it’s important that you support your child’s passions and give them the tools to be able to follow those passions. Music is no different. If you find that your child is passionate about music, giving them the tools and support to reach their goals is important. A pre-K can guide your child throughout their musical journey and support their endeavors.

It also depends on whether the child is interested or not. If they show signs of liking to listen to things on the radio, then you could nudge them in that direction. Who knows? Perhaps in the future, you might be watching them perform on stage in a major venue. Then again, if they just love music, then that will be worth it, too.

By enrolling your child in a music program at their local preschool, you can expose them to the enjoyment of exploring a wide range of instruments. Through regular classes, your child will learn more about sounds and rhythms from around the entire world. Reach out to your local preschool today to learn more.

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