Are You Struggling to Meet Interesting Women?


Fear of approaching women

Part of what makes us human is the desire and necessity to meet and interact with people, whether romantically or platonically. Unfortunately, according to a recent study from Psychology Today, 44.8% of people say they have a hard time meeting new people. In a romantic sense, this can be extremely frustrating. If you constantly find yourself wondering how to meet singles, keep these tips in mind. While they are no guarantee you’re going to find a new girlfriend, at the very least, you’ll walk away with a new friend.

Where to Meet Singles, Online and Off

  • The Coffee Shop
  • As written on’s Dating, the coffee shop can be the best option for people wondering where to meet singles. Coffee shops are inherently social places. As a bonus, they lack the social stigma — not to mention the overwhelmingly negative outcome — of bars, and people of every sort visit their local coffee shop everyday. The trick here is to play it cool. Enjoy your coffee and a book, but don’t make yourself look too engaged in whatever you’re doing. Be open to women approaching you, and, likewise, be willing to approach someone who you find interesting. If you fail, chances are another coffee addict will find her way into the shop at any second.

  • Ask Friends and Family for a Hook-up
  • According to a study from the University of Washington, you’re 227% more likely to find a new relationship when set up through family and friends than you are down at your local watering hole. The reason? Asking friends and family, the people who know you best, if they know anyone to set you up with means taking a huge amount of chance out of the game. Your loved ones want to see you with people who you can mesh with, not some random stranger you find attractive over a pint and some poutine. For some people, asking parents or friends to hook them up with a single friend can be embarrassing, but it’s doubtlessly one of the best ways to find singles.

  • Online Dating Sites
  • Online dating sites have quickly become some of the best resources for people wondering where to meet singles. As the numbers from Statistic Brain show, more than 41 million Americans have tried online dating. Whereas before online dating had a certain social stigma, now it’s perfectly acceptable to find a mate online. In fact, 17% of all marriages in the U.S. last year were between couples who met online. Why not give it a go?

If you’re tired of being lonely, keep these tried and true ideas in mind. Now that you know where to meet singles, your chances of finding love, or at least a new friend, will climb exponentially. Just remember to approach each new opportunity with an open mind. Research more here.

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