Did Your Girlfriend Cut and Run? Follow These Tips to Get Her Back


How to get your ex girlfriend back

We’ve all been there: the love of your life suddenly ends. It’s as though the entire world has crashed around you, and you spend months just wanting your ex back. For most people, after that mourning period, that’s it; you find yourself asking where to meet singles and if your friends have anybody they can hook you up with.

What if those months go by and the only thing you can think is “I need to get my ex back?” Should you give up, or should you take serious steps to try and win her heart again?

Is Getting an Ex Back Even Possible?
Before you even try to romance her again, you need to be real with yourself. As The Huffington Post writes, the chances that your relationship is going to work out any better the second time around are practically non-existent. However, if you realize that the deck is stacked against you and you still want to try, here are four tips on how to get an ex girlfriend back that might just make you one of the couples that finds true happiness.

Four Tips on How to Get an Ex Girlfriend Back

  1. Own up to Your Issues
  2. Of all these tips on how to get an ex girlfriend back, this one is arguably the most important. As Men’s Fitness writes, too many men try to get back together with their ex while blaming the entire breakup on her. No matter what happened, there’s a good chance that you played a role in it, regardless of how small. Being honest about your own flaws, whether it’s your jealousy or your unreliability, will go a long way in helping you win her back.

  3. Play It Cool
  4. For the love experts over at AskMen.com, the last thing you want to do when rekindling an old flame is to come across too seriously. Don’t text her saying that you need to talk, espousing how badly you want to get back with her. Send something non-committal and non-threatening. “How are you” will go a lot farther than “I can’t stop thinking about you” in these early stages.

  5. Don’t Act Like a Lovestoned Fool
  6. You know how in old love songs and romance films there’s always the scorned lover telling his beloved how he can’t eat or sleep without his better half? Guess what? That comes across as desperate, even creepy, in real life. You need to take care of yourself while you’re apart and show her that you can get on without her. This is crucial to not scaring her away or placing undue pressure on her to come back.

  7. There’s No Reason to Go Right for the Kill
  8. As Life Mentality, a popular self improvement website, suggests, you’ve got to take things slow. Try and rekindle a friendship with her before trying to get her to commit to anything else. Show her you simply want her in your life, regardless of whether it’s as a friend or a mate.

Keep in mind, even if you do everything exactly right, there is no guarantee that these tips will change her mind. If nothing else, at least you gave it a real shot. Read more blogs like this. Continue reading here: www.themodernman.com

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