Do You Really Need to Be In The Emergency Room?


Urgent care centers

Do you want your loved ones to have ready access to the best care in the event of an emergency? Just about everyone will answer that question with a resounding yes. Still, hospital emergency rooms are too crowded — and often with people who are not grievously ill or injured. Too many Americans do not realize that most of the benefits of emergency room care are bogus. What’s true, what’s not, and what are some better alternatives?

Myth: Emergency Room Care is Fast and Convenient

Visiting the emergency room is not fast or convenient. As of 2009, the average wait time was 46.5 minutes to 58.1 minutes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Today, that time frame is, if anything, longer. This is especially troubling given that 41% of patients require immediate care within 15 to 60 minutes, the CDC continues.

There is a better way. A considerable number of illnesses, symptoms, and minor injuries can be treated in urgent care facilities. Urgent care centers are open for extended hours, on holidays, weekends, and typically well into the night. Some centers even offer 24 hour care. Wait times are much shorter in comparison with ERs; many patients typically receive full treatment in approximately one hour.

Myth: The Emergency Room is The Best Place To Go If You Don’t Have Insurance

You are more than welcome to go to urgent care facilities if you do not have health insurance. Urgent care clinics will work with you, and an appointment with an urgent care center is far less expensive than the average ER visit.

Myth: Only ERs Are Able to Treat Sprains

Urgent care or walk-in clinics treat sprains, strains, concussions, lacerations, food poisoning, and other relatively serious ailments. Many centers use the same equipment you’ll find in a hospital or traditional doctor’s office.

Don’t risk other people’s lives for the sake of convenience. Our emergency rooms are too crowded, and the problem is only getting worse. Save time, money, and lives by choosing local urgent care facilities. Check out this site for more.

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