How to Ensure Your Children Have the Best Chance at Success in College and Beyond


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They say that letting go is hard to do, but you may not realize how true this is until your children are ready to embark on their adventure into college and empty nest syndrome rears its ugly head. Many children leave their parents’ home for the first time, and set out to fend for themselves in their personal and academic lives. You may not be able to stop this inevitability, but you can do your best to prepare them for the journey.

College and universities are often looking for the best and the brightest to fill their lecture halls and dorms, searching for candidates who have a wide variety of talents, smarts, and interests. More than a million students are enrolled in higher education around the country, and several more apply to these institutions every year, making the final decision for admissions staff a difficult task.

For this reason, parents often send their children to SAT test prep review, or enroll them in SAT rest prep online to help them stand out among their peers. SAT scores can be a key factor in the admissions process, and SAT test preparation can be the best way to maximize a student’s score on the exam. SAT review classes are taught by qualified experts that offer valuable SAT test taking tips. These SAT test taking tips are critical, because like any exam, there is a method to the SAT test madness. There are catch phrases that students should be aware of in the questions, vocabulary that must be mastered, and ways to write that can raise a test taker’s score on the written portion of the test.

But SAT test taking tips and college test prep are not the only ways to boost your child’s chances at securing a great college education. Another way to do this is by sending them to college prep programs. These programs are typically private, and offer a rigorous academic setting in which students are given independence that mimics a college setting. Along with challenging course work, they are asked to engage in leadership activities, extra curricular sports and events, and also school clubs.

The idea of these schools is to create well-rounded students that excel, both academically and socially. College prep schools often feature smaller class sizes, more individualized attention from teachers, and high qualified instructors. While only about 1% of the population in both the U.S. and Canada graduate from these schools, a Student Information System study found that these college prep programs boast an 80% graduation rate, which is higher than a traditional high school, and 77% of students who graduated from these programs continue on to higher education.

There is no guarantee that a high SAT score or college prep program will secure admission into your children’s first choice school, but it does raise their chances. With the combination of a versatile high school curriculum, packed with ample opportunities for your children to explore their interests, and high quality test prep, you will be providing the framework for an optimal outcome. More on this topic.

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