Learn How to Approach Women with These Three Simple Tips

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How do i meet women

Are you struggling to approach beautiful women? Whether you’re looking for something casual or a new relationship after being out of the game for a while, you should know that learning how to approach women shouldn’t be some nightmare. Keep in mind, according to Forbes, women are having just as hard of a time finding men they find attractive, let alone approaching them. Realizing this fact, be confident, follow these tips on how to approach women, and watch your love life light up.

How to Approach Women and Find Success

  • Ask for Her E-mail, Not Her Number
  • As AskMen.com writes, one of the best ways to find success when approaching women is to make them feel comfortable. Even something as simple as asking for her phone number can put her off, killing your chances of getting that elusive first date. Instead, try asking for her e-mail address. Many women feel that giving away their e-mail is a less risky move, as they can simply block your address if they feel like you’re a creep.

  • Get Her Attention
  • Do you realize how many men fail at attracting women simply because they fail to get a woman’s attention when talking to her? As written on the Huffington Post, you need to make sure you’re actually talking to her, not talking at her, when you approach a beautiful woman at the bar, the gym, or elsewhere. A gentle tap on the shoulder can go a long way in helping you find success.

  • Be Mindful of Where You Are
  • Ask yourself, “Is trying to get a date in a dark alleyway really the best way to approach women?” Clearly, the answer is no, but that doesn’t stop hopelessly clueless men from asking for phone numbers and the like in similarly hair-brained locations. As the Sabotage Times astutely points out, the key to the conundrum of “how to approach women” is to keep them comfortable. Don’t approach a woman in a back alley and hope for good results. Well lit bars, restaurants, gyms, and other safe locations are much better options.

We get it: approaching beautiful women can be a scary experience, but you need to realize that, just like you, they’re looking for that human connection. If you’re confident in your approach and follow these tips, you will find the success with women you’ve been hoping for. Good references here.

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