How to Start a Rewarding Career in 3D Computer Animation

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Computer animation is everywhere in the world around us. From animated movies to advertisements on billboards, there is an example of animation to be found wherever you look.

3D computer animation is also one of the most exciting and dynamic career fields for people with artistic and technological skills — and if you think this is the right career for you, it’s important to know how to get started in the field.

Here is a short guide on how to begin your career in 3D computer animation:

Step 1: Get a degree
Most 3D computer animation employers look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in computer graphic design or animation from art and design colleges. Most arts colleges in the U.S. offer computer animation programs and majors.

Step 2: Gain career experience
You don’t have to wait until you graduate with your 3D computer animation degree to start obtaining valuable real-world experience as an animator! You should apply for as many internships as you can that are related to your major. This will make your resume more attractive to employers after you’ve graduated.

Step 3: Create a demo reel or portfolio
After you have graduated, you should put together a demo reel or portfolio of your best 3D computer animation work to show off to potential employers. It’s important for employers to know that you have genuine talent with 3D computer animation work; your portfolio will show this!

Step 4: Get to work!
Once you have been hired by an animation studio, you’ll be able to enjoy a long, fulfilling and successful career as a 3D computer animation professional. The more experience you have, the more qualified you will be for high-level jobs in the animation field — like working on animated films and more! More on this:

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