Private Vs Public Schools Why Private Schools Could Be Winning

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School is important. Private schools are a great resource for families whose children aren’t getting their needs met in the public school system. This might be for religious reasons or it might be because the child would receive better education in a private school. However, private schools can be expensive. So if your family is considering private education, you should look on the best private school websites in order to find out which ones are in your budget.

The best rated private schools near me might not be the most affordable ones. In this case, you’ll have to make a decision. Can you afford to spend tuition money on this school? Or is there another option that might be less expensive, but still highly beneficial for your child? Affordable private middle schools near me might not have the same marketing or outreach that wealthier schools have. So make sure your research goes as far as possible. You might find that the perfect school is there, but you aren’t seeing it on the ratings sites. So look on websites, talk to other parents, and check out schools for yourself.

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Parents always want the best for their children. They try to give them the healthiest foods, instill good hygiene habits, and offer them everything they can to ensure that they feel like successful individuals. Their efforts also extend to education, where parents try to find their children the highest quality schools with the best teachers. For some families, that means private elementary schools, and for others it means their local public school.

The age-old debate over private versus public schools has been one that some parents are passionate about. Public school supporters argue that teachers in these schools are more qualified, the population is more diverse, and there are more extra-curricular activities for children to participate in. But these have been met with some swift counter points that explain why private school education provides a more beneficial framework for students.

In the private versus public schools discussion, here are a few of the main advantages of private schools.

    • Smaller Class Sizes Statistics show that private schools are roughly half the size of public schools, which places students at an advantage in the classroom, according to the National Associate for Independent Schools. The student-teacher ratio in a private school is much smaller as well, which means that students receive more individualize attention during class. Teachers are also much more accessible, and can diversify their lessons to meet the needs of each student. While this is also the goal in public schools, it is much harder for a teacher to reach out to 25 students versus eight or ten.
    • Increased Standards Students in private schools are subject to higher standards than students in public schools, according to one study. The same study found that students were required to have a higher average number of years of math and language compared to public school children. Other research indicates that community service was a requirement for 40% of private schools, as compared to 10% of national high schools.
    • Higher Achievements. Many parents turn to private schools because they feel that they have a better reputation, and offer a higher level of achievement as a result. The curriculum is often crafted by the school itself, which means that educators are involved in creating high quality content that challenges every student. In public schools, teachers often have to stick to a national curriculum that is very general, and does not offer a wide variety of learning modalities.

One of the main complaints from public school advocates in the private versus public schools dispute, is that private institutions are too expensive. But many private schools offer private school grants and private school scholarships to students who qualify for admission, and are keen on becoming part of their school’s community.

Whether parents send their children to private or public schools, they will always try to find the best fit for their child’s needs. Some children thrive in a larger setting, while others feel more successful in smaller classes. Consequently, perhaps children should be a part of the decision-making process. Read more here.

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