Turning Beauty Outside In

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Collagen benefits on skin

The Famed “fountain of youth” has been sought after by women all across the world for thousands of years. From Cleopatra’s luxurious milk baths to modern celebrity botox injections, women have have gone to great lengths in order to preserve their youthful appearance. We are constantly bombarded by images of women with unrealistically perfect skin claiming that (insert name of wrinkle cream) is the secret to their dewy, fresh look. Yet, in a world full of old wives’ tales and celebrity endorsements, it’s easy to become confused and overwhelmed as to which anti-aging creams really work. However, researching the science behind beauty can offer you clarity and insight.

Being the human body’s largest organ, our skin accounts for nearly 15% of our body weight. Our skin serves a number of different purposes, including acting as a first line of defense to regulating our internal body temperature. Skin is in a constant state of renewal, shedding nearly 30,000 dead skin cells per minute. As we age however, our skin begins to lose elasticity and thickness, causing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A woman’s skin decreases in thickness 7% every ten years. Collagen can help maintain the skin’s thickness, as well as increase firmness, tightness, and lessen signs of aging and other skin imperfections. There are many factors that determine the rate at which we age. A healthy diet that includes collagen rich foods, and exercise, offer many other natural health benefits, aside from radiant skin.

What is collagen? Collagen is the most abundant protein found in nature and is the major fibrous protein found in the human body. Since collagen production decreases at about 1% each year starting at age 18, it’s important to incorporate natural collagen into your diet in addition to a collagen anti wrinkle cream as part of your beauty regimen. Aside from improving the condition of your skin, there are many other natural health benefits to incorporating collagen into your routine, including improved nail, hair, and even bone health. Regardless of cost or brand, the best anti aging wrinkle cream is one that lists collagen as one of their top ingredients.

In reality, there is no “fountain of youth” per se, nor any magical cream, potion, or lotion that will instantly erase years off of your appearance. Creating an anti-aging skin regimen is more than searching for the best product. Think of it as a total lifestyle change. There are a plethora of natural health benefits to adopting a healthier way of life, a youthful appearance is just one of them. Beauty is a balance of what’s on the inside as well as what you put on the outside.

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