5 Simple, Nonsurgical Ways to Make Your Skin Look Younger


Baby boomers use collagen

If you’re hoping to help your skin — especially the skin on your face — look younger, your thoughts might first turn to plastic surgery. But there are plenty of nonsurgical ways to rejuvenate your face and look younger — thereby avoiding the risk and expense of surgery. Here are five strategies you can implement right away:

  1. Regular Exfoliation

    Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, revealing the younger and fresher skin underneath (as well as getting rid of dirt and oils). Use an exfoliating cleanser or mask between one and three times each week, always being sure that the scrubbing particles aren’t too rough and that you’re soothing your skin with a gentle moisturizer afterward.

  2. Working Up a Sweat

    Exercising opens up your pores and cleans out any nasty stuff you’ve been storing up, so working up a sweat on a regular basis should have a positive effect on your skin. Exercising will also help you to maintain a healthy weight, and since people tend to lose weight from the top down — meaning face first — losing even just a few pounds can make a dramatic difference in the cheeks and chin.

  3. Plenty of Sleep

    It’s hard to find a habit with more natural health benefits than getting enough sleep. A regular sleep cycle will help you avoid the puffy eyes and dark circles that age you beyond your years.

  4. Collagen Face Creams

    Collagen is a protein that is partially responsible for the structure and elasticity of skin. Natural sources of collagen decrease, however, as part of the aging process. Collagen skin products attempt to kickstart the collagen production process for glowing skin and fewer wrinkles. Collagen face creams are not all equally effective, so it’s worth doing your research and investing in one that has a good track record.

  5. Drinking More Water

    When you’re dehydrated, your skin looks dry and wrinkled, so it’s best to hydrate both internally and externally with a combination of drinking more water and moisturizing. Drinking more water will also help your body to flush out any toxins that could be affecting your skin.

Which of these appeals to you the most — collagen face creams, or simpler routes such as drinking more water? Discuss or share your own tips for getting younger, fresher skin in the comments.

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