The Benefits of Organized Sports


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For many students, a place on their high school basketball team is a great asset. Socializing with friends and having fun are great ways to spend time after school, whether students attend public or private schools. Of course, there are many other advantages to participating in team sports beyond fun and socialization. Here are some of the best reasons to encourage your child to join a high school basketball team.

The most obvious benefit to playing basketball in high school is physical fitness. Studies have shown that children who participate in organized sports in high school go on to remain physically active later in life. Students who participate in team sports have also been found to engage in fewer risky behaviors than their less-athletic peers.

Some opponents of high school sports claim that students will have academic trouble because of how time-consuming practices and games can be. Actually, students who participate in organized sports often have higher grades than students who do not participate. In 2007, a study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise stated that students who participated in active sports like soccer and skateboarding performed 10% better in core subjects like science, language arts, and math.

In addition to physical and academic benefits, students enjoy psychological benefits from playing sports, as well. Students feel a boost in self-esteem and learn leadership skills they may not get from the classroom, especially if they attend a private high school with smaller class sizes. Participating in sports will allow students to travel and meet a variety of people, as well as encouraging teamwork and perseverance.

Participating in organized sports is a great way for middle school students to prepare for high school, and for high schoolers to prepare for college. With better academic skills, increased athleticism, and the perseverance and patience to do well, organized sports help students to succeed for the rest of their lives.

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