Three of the Best Places to Go When You Need to Study


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Several studies have shown that students who do test prep review in different places perform better than those students who instead choose to study in one spot over and over again. So whether you need to study for ACTs, GREs, LSATs, or whatever other exams your prospective university is making you take, grab your books and head to one of these great spots to get some work done.

The Library.

Of course the library was going to show up first on a list of place to do test prep review, and why wouldn’t it? It’s quiet; it’s comfy; and best of all, there’s literally resources all around you. If you need to look something up, you need only find the appropriate book or jump on one of their computers. Plus, libraries usually have free WiFi so you can bring your laptop and do some online test prep review, too.

A Coffee Shop.

Coffee shops may not be as quiet as libraries — what with the ambient music, casual chatter, and hiss and hum of espresso machines — but they can be just as productive when trying to do test prep review. Plus, there’s coffee there, which can get you nice and caffeinated so you can get more test prep review done in less time.

A Book Store.

Can’t decide between going to the library or to a cafe? Why not go to a place that’s like both? Bookstores are typically quiet, and have loads of books you can use to help study (just so long as you don’t take them home without paying for). Plus, most book stores have a cafe inside, too.

So why not grab those GRE test prep books, ACT test prep books, LSAT prep books, or prep books for whatever test you need to study for, and head to one of these great places to study? You won’t regret you did.

If you have any questions about making good use of your test prep review time, feel free to ask in the comments. More info like this:

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