What to Consider When Off-Campus Apartment Shopping


College student apartments

During 2013, an estimated 6,837,605 students enrolled in 4 year college programs in the United States. While living in campus housing is a traditional right of passage for students, many college students in the U.S. prefer to live in off-campus housing arrangements because they provide more privacy than traditional campus housing does. Many times, student housing arrangements can also become full on campus quickly. Having a back up plan will allow a student to have a secure living situation.

Are you considering looking for an alternative to campus housing? You have several options to find a housing arrangement that works for your needs. Ever heard of apartment search engines? Many local colleges and bigger universities are utilizing search engines specializing in finding apartments for college students. They are essentially a virtual bulletin boards where landlords, rental properties, and other students post ads to help other students who may be looking for an apartment.

You can also utilize the standard search engines to find apartments by utilizing standard search engine keywords. For instance, are you a Berekley student looking for off campus housing? Try searching for “Berekely apartments for rent” or “berekely apartments” chances are you will be presented with a wide array of results to choose from.

When selecting your apartment, keep a few things in mind. Students should always plan financially for extra costs associated with off-campus housing arrangements, like cable, internet, or your share of the groceries for the house. When leasing student housing, don’t forget research and become familiar with what you are responsible for, and what damages are your responsibility. Renters insurance is also a really great idea if you are liable for damages incurred while you are living in off campus housing.

Whether you are a first year or a fourth year, off campus housing is a great experience. Be sure to utilize apartment search engines, regular search engines, and simply ask around campus. You will find a place that works for you, and enhances your college experience.

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