Find Great Student Housing With These Tips

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Uc berkeley student housing

When it comes time for college one of the most important arrangements to make for each student is finding adequate campus housing. You need a place to stay while you’re hard at work trying to earn that degree. Some students will choose to find a place on campus to live while others prefer finding something off campus.

Finding Apartments for Students

Campus student housing can sometimes fill up very quickly so it is best to search for student housing programs or off campus housing options as a back up. Apartment search engines are a great tool for locating student rentals. You can often specify desired amenities and distance from campus. There are even programs for students looking for housing and many times local apartment buildings offer special rates for students.

Things to Keep in Mind When Signing a Lease

Know your lease and all the fine print details. Different student housing will have different rules, responsibilities, etc. It is important to know what you are responsible for, including what kind of damages you’re responsible for taking care of vs the landlord or institution. Student apartments tend to take care of more amenities and damages than off campus student housing. Inspect the apartment before signing your lease. Check for any water damage or mold since these problems can be costly and risky to your health. Make sure all appliances work, any furniture is in good condition and make note of any existing damages inside and outside the apartment. Taking dated pictures is often helpful for proving lack of personal liability.

Living Off Campus

Off campus apartments are more popular many times because they provide more privacy to the tenants than campus housing. If you are planning on finding an apartment off campus you should always plan ahead financially and anticipate higher costs for your utilities. Keep in mind that while there are perks to living in something other than campus housing there are extra responsibilities. You will need to ensure you can easily make any classes or meetings on time. Take into account any traffic issues, bus schedules, weather delays, construction in the area and, if applicable, parking access on your campus.

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