Finding the Best School Option for Kids with Aspergers, Dyslexia or ADHD

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Finding the appropriate school for a child with dyslexia, Aspergers Syndrome (AS) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be challenging. Not all schools are equipped to deal with the needs of children who have these, nor do all teachers fully understand what having one of these conditions means.

Sending a child to a school that specializes in dealing with special needs is important. There are schools for dyslexia, for instance. There are also schools for ADHD and Schools for Aspergers. The goal is to help the child reach their full potential.

Finding the Best Schools for ADHD

ADHD is the most common childhood behavior disorder. It is a neurodevelopment psychiatric disorder. It causes problems paying attention, hyperactivity and impose control. A ADHD diagnosis is made when the behavior is much different from other kinds their age. Some beef there is a genetic component to it but this isn’t clear and neither is the cause. More boys than girls get it and it can persist into the teen years and beyond.

Some people are wary of sending their child with ADHD to a public school. It is worth it to go to the school where they would go and talk to the people there. Depending on the extent of the ADHD and how well controlled it is, and of course, the experience of the school staff at dealing with it, the public school option may not be bad. If you don’t feel would be a good place for your child, there are specialized schools for ADHD. You can also consider boarding schools for ADHD

What’s the Best Schools for Aspergers?

Asperger’s Syndrome falls under the autism umbrella. Named for the pediatrician, Hans Asperger who noticed children who didn’t have the save nonverbal communications skills or empathy that their peers had. Today, we classify children who have problems with social interaction and they display restricted and repetitive behavior. It is diagnosed by looking at patterns of symptoms rather than just one

Finding the a good school for someone with Aspergers is critical. It must incorporate certain treatments to help improve poor communication skills and any obsessive compulsive behavior. Early intervention is crucial because nearly 20% of children who suffer from the disorder can grow out of it to the point where they no longer can be diagnosed with it when they reach adulthood.

What’s the Best Schools for Dyslexia

This is one of the least understood disorders but common. As many as 17 to 20% of Americans have it. Many people assume that you can “grow out of dyslexia.” That is not true. It is a life-long condition. The brains of people with it process language information differently. Luckily there are tools to help these people learn to read more efficiently and effectively.

While most public schools don’t have the resources or experience to help students with dyslexia, it is worth talking to them. Some do offer decent programs that will help your child reach their full potential. If you are not happy with what they tell you, there are many schools for dyslexia. Schools for Dyslexic children can be found all over the United States. You may even want to consider looking at boarding schools where your child would be surrounded by kids facing the same problems.

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